Light Duty Tow Tows for small vehicles including sedans, small pick-ups, or hybrid/electric vehicles.
 Medium Duty Tow Tows for moderate-sized vehicles including full-sized pick-ups or commercial trucks.
 Heavy Duty Tow Tows for heavy duty trucks, semis, big rigs, and commercial vehicles.
Flatbed Tow

Tows that require a flatbed truck to prevent damage or otherwise secure the load properly. This includes motorcycles and demolished vehicles, and may be specifically requested.

Operations that require difficult maneuvers to recover the vehicle, like vehicles in ditches or turned onto their roof.
Winching Similar to a recovery, except it's only necessary to pull the vehicle out of a difficult position using a winch.

Dolly Tow
Tows that require a dolly, which enables us to move vehicles when the steering column is locked. Lockouts or impounds may require a dolly.
Drive-line Removal Tows that require detaching the drive-line, to protect against transmission damage. Typically for medium-duty trucks.
Note: We cannot do drive-line reinstallations.

Forklift Any service that requires a forklift.
Fifth Wheel Towing Tows for RVs or recreational vehicles, AKA "fifth wheels".
Hauling Transporting miscellaneous loads from point A to B.