Brown's  Towing  was opened in December of 1989 in Chico, CA by owner Wess Brown. After working years at a wrecking yard and a number of other jobs, he decided to start a business following his passion: automobiles. Wess is also an experienced stock car racer and has assembled numerous vehicles from nothing but scrap parts and willpower. He came up with the motto "Coming through for you" to reflect his can-do attitude. He believes that anything we put our mind to, we can accomplish.

Wess Brown

Brown's Towing rescues stranded vehicles, helps with lock-outs, tows cars, trailers, trucks, and motorcycles, hauls small to moderate sized equipment, and works with local government including the California Highway Patrol and Chico Police Department to keep the roads safe. All of our drivers are CTTA certified and trained to handle a variety of road emergency scenarios, from winching sedans out of ditches to pulling trucks back from precarious positions.

In 2014, we opened a Brown's Towing in Paradise, CA. We are now better able than ever to serve Northern California tow service needs!

We have served the local community and beyond for over two decades and continue to strive for excellence in service. You can rest assured that your call will be handled with the utmost professionalism and in the promptest manner possible, with great prices to boot. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, call Brown's Towing and we'll surely "come through for you"!